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Welcome to the Friends of the Daily Napkin blog. The Daily Napkin was started, and continues to this day, as an expression of love. It also frequently acts as a catalyst for creativity. I believe all of us are touched by the muse, and every one of us feels the call in our heart to express the love we feel for each other, for life, for fellow beings, and for all of the Great Mystery. Poets, writers, artists, creative folks - you are all welcome here. Please share a piece of your Love expression through the Friends of the Daily Napkin blog. To submit for publishing email Dena (at)theDailyNapkin (dot) com. Be sure to share your blog or site address, and even a bit of bio too!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

God Song

In that quiet darkness of the morning
before even birds sing
all that is heard
is the constant silent prayer
of your longing
to be lifted close enough
to God’s mouth
to clearly hear
that he is always saying,
“I love you, I love you, I love you”.

–Harvey Rabichow

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy New Year, 2000

Happy New Year, 2000
By Jeralynn Strong
Many townsfolk all were panicked, the world was getting carried away.
Gloom, doom and disaster were predicted for Y2K.
Remember, computers all would crash, the banks were going to fall?
The grocery stores would not open, not least of all the mall?
Your telephone wasn’t going to work, no newspaper at the door?
Your car keys wouldn’t start the car, all this tragedy and more?
So people stocked up batteries, water and food to the gills.
Yet all that I could think about was heading for the hills.
So I started out that crazy year, with a ride on New Year’s day.
With Mom and several girlfriends, we soon were on our way.
Neva’s horse trailer was loaded, as was Paula’s, Mom’s and Char’s
as we headed out, dark thirty, and we marveled at the stars.
We pulled in Rock Miranda Ranch, Dick Harry was our host
and I was thrilled to be there, doing what I love the most.
After adjustin’ all our saddles, just as we had planned,
we mounted up and headed out as daybreak lit the land
The horses all felt frisky and were ready to get trucking, 
so we headed out at long trot, ‘cept for Neva’s Chief was bucking.
The horses perked at trotting pairs, and we admired the Oaks.
The vistas were incredible as we laughed and told some jokes.
There seemed to be a magic, we were in awe of One who weaves
Nature’s show, to entertain us, with a showering of leaves.
I remember having rode this Ranch, grass lush and green in Spring,
with Lupine flooding purple swath, with Red Tail on the wing.
This time, the land was resting, the dry grass brown and cured.
All is well in my world as we circle grazing herd.
I was sure this Ranch would show us, this New Year’d be just fine,
The creeks were still a tricklin’ though it was dry in Ninety Nine.
I was glad the land was not aware, and neither was my Bay,
that something wrong was going on.... that this was Y2K.
Now I’m glad for this new century, and I know it is my last.
I’d like to make some change for good, and hope the die’s not cast.
I wish folks’d ride on nights of full moon and cross bridges with no fear,
and have a Happy New Millennium, New Century, New Year.


Note: Jeralynn is becoming more and more known in the cowboy poetry circuit where she reads her own verse on a regular basis. She's owner of the Relax N Up Ranch, home of  Fair Play Farm.

Friday, February 18, 2011


by Harvey Rabichow

It’s an interesting game 
this thing we call life
it will challenge and bring you 
to struggles and strife
we forget who we are
in our need to belong
we abandon ourselves
to be part of the throng
some get it right
but most have it wrong
unite with your own self
and sing your own song
there’s a way to connect
without losing your head
choose sometimes to follow
when you trust where you’re led
through kind hearted actions
and not what is said
your soul is your own
so be sure it gets fed
don’t sell out for the pleasures
that come and then go
keep in sight of the light
don’t get lost in the glow
or seduced by the ego 
what you think that you know
be true to yourself and 
don’t play tell and show
surrender desires
and go with your flow
wash yourself of yourself
be like melting snow
come back to your wholeness
there is no where to go
remember that this 
hide and seek is a game
keep sight of your truth
don’t forget why you came
we are all so unique
yet we still are the same
don’t be held back by fear
or hidden by shame
don’t get lost in your ego
and kidnapped by fame
account for your choices
there’s no one to blame
through the valleys and shadows
hold tight to one name
be it allah or yahweh
mohammed or christ
hindi or buddha
or yoda, the force
they are all the same god
all from the same source
it was fun to go rhyming
and play with the words
this poem is profound
and this poem is absurd
a fathers advice
by a son can’t be heard
so step into your own shoes
away from the herd
listen hard for your hearts voice
become your own Nerd. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eternal Questions by Lou Levy & Marshal McKitrick

Beautiful lotus,
 how can you show me the infinite and remain a simple flower?

Smouldering fire,
 how can you give me warmth and cause such destruction?

Sensuous being,
 how can your dance be so elegant and remain so distant?

Great Mystery,
how can you I feel your loving guidance and still seem so lost?