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Welcome to the Friends of the Daily Napkin blog. The Daily Napkin was started, and continues to this day, as an expression of love. It also frequently acts as a catalyst for creativity. I believe all of us are touched by the muse, and every one of us feels the call in our heart to express the love we feel for each other, for life, for fellow beings, and for all of the Great Mystery. Poets, writers, artists, creative folks - you are all welcome here. Please share a piece of your Love expression through the Friends of the Daily Napkin blog. To submit for publishing email Dena (at)theDailyNapkin (dot) com. Be sure to share your blog or site address, and even a bit of bio too!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eternal Questions by Lou Levy & Marshal McKitrick

Beautiful lotus,
 how can you show me the infinite and remain a simple flower?

Smouldering fire,
 how can you give me warmth and cause such destruction?

Sensuous being,
 how can your dance be so elegant and remain so distant?

Great Mystery,
how can you I feel your loving guidance and still seem so lost?

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